The data dashboard is an external tool that allows you to view the usage of your Minddistrict platform(s).

screenshot homepage dashboard

No dashboard account yet but interested? Contact your account manager or the service desk.

Note that the data dashboard is still in Beta version. That is, the dashboard is under development.

1 Homepage 

On the homepage of the dashboard, you will find some key data.

The percentages displayed in the different boxes on the homepage compare your chosen period with the same period before the one you chose. For example, if you chose a period from 1 to 30 April, the result will be compared with the result from 2 March to 31 March.

2 Select period and platform(s) 

At the top right, you can select a measurement period. Keep a close eye on which measurement period you have selected.

Do you, as an organisation, have more then one  production platform? You can choose here whether you want to see an overview of all platforms or a selection.

3 Users 

Via the 'Users' menu item, you can choose to view:

  • new users: split into clients and professionals. You can choose per day/week/month etc. here.
  • activity of users: the number of unique users who were active in the selected period (=minimum 1 activity in the platform or app)

screenshot User-tab

4 Tools 

For an overview, you can choose in this menu the different content types (tools) activated on your platform.

Made the choice for one of these tools? Clicking on the name of a module  will give you more information about the progress within this module. You can also see where dropout takes place.

For the other tools, you only see the number of times it has been assigned.

5 Optional menu-items 

Depending on the features activated for your organisation, you will also find data on:

  • video calls
  • SMS messenger
Is your organisation using one or more of these options and you don't see this shown in the dashboard? If so, please contact the service desk.

Video calls

Does your organisation use video calls via the Minddistrict platform? Then you will find an overview in the dashboard

Please note that the number of video call minutes in this overview is not the same as the number of video call minutes used. This is due to the number of lines that need to be set up to e.g. make a group call (Person A needs to be able to talk to person B and C, Person B to A and C and Person C to A and B) Are you unsure whether the number of purchased video call minutes within your agreement is sufficient? If so, contact your account manager.

On this page, besides the number of video call minutes, you can also see the number of video calls and number of unique video callers.

SMS Messenger

Does your organisation use Two-factor authentication (2fa)? If so, you will find this page in your dashboard. There are separate charts for the number of SMS for professionals and for clients.

Help page

Help page

We have added a help page to the dashboard, explaining more about the different options/tabs in the platform. You can find this page at the top right via the user profile menu (click on your name to open this menu).