Under the tab 'Professionals' you'll find the professionals that have been added to the platform. 

Click on the name to open the professional overview.


Here you have the possibility to customize the details of the professional. You can upload a profile picture here. In addition, under 'groups' you have the possibility to assign a(n) (extra) role to the professional. 

Only the application manager has the right to assign an extra role to other professionals. 


When a professional account has been deactivated, he or she can no longer log in. Data from the professional and his or her clients are saved. Deactivate/(re)activate by clicking 'Deactivate' or 'Activate' in the professional's profile. 

Send welcome email again

Here you have the possibility to send the welcome email again. The professional will then receive an email containing a button to create a password. The button in the email is valid for 7 days. 


Start a (video) conversation.

Absence message

Set up an out of office message for a professional. When you check the box for the absence message, the message becomes visible to other users.