Diaries have notifications in the form of push messages. These push notifications are inly visible if the client uses the Minddistrict app. 

Task planning

When the professional assigns a diary to a client, the default task schedule can be used or the therapist can create a task schedule himself. 

The default task schedule varies by diary. For some diaries it is desirable if clients get a notification every day (or multiple times a day). For other diaries, the client needs to be reminded only once a week to fill in the diary. 

Customize/stop notifications

It may happen that a task schedule is continuing while is is no longer relevant for the client. Or a client wants the amount of notifications to be adjusted. Then the therapist can do this for the client in the following way: 

  1. Go to the client file and click on 'Diary' 
  2. Click on 'Configuration' 
  3. Look for 'Planned tasks' and click on 'Customize' or 'Delete'.