The Minddistrict platform has many functionalities and features. Some of these are similar for application managers and other professionals. But there are also some differences. For instance, as an application manager, you can configure the platform and a therapist can access client accounts.

Several functionalities have already been described in detail on other support pages. Both on the support pages for therapists and on the ones for application managers. The links in the table below will take you to the right page for more information. The numbers correspond with the image above.

1HomepageOn the homepage, you will find an overview of your conversations, tasks and contacts in addition to all menu items
Profile and preferencesThe pull-down menu at the top right allows you to customise your settings and profile.
This menu item provides access to the tools in your organisation's catalogue. Therapists and secretaries can assign tools to clients.
4TasksHere you can see an overview of your tasks. Or you can go to your tasks via the menu item 'tasks'.
You will be taken to an overview of your conversations here. These are also available on the homepage itself.
6Professionals (searching)Be aware that only the application administrator can add or edit professionals accounts.. Also assigning to groups can only be done by the application manager.
7DataDo you (also) have the role of data officer or data analyst? Then this menu item will take you to a page where you can create exports.
8ConfigurationsHere, as an application manager, you will find configurations you can modify.