Modules and other tools assigned to a client usually cannot be removed. So what are the options if a client's homepage becomes too full or a wrong module is accidentally assigned? Because the procedure for mobile modules, browser-only modules and other tools is different, we have made a distinction on this page. You can read below what the therapist or client can be advised.

Mobile modules

Deleting a mobile module is only possible if the client has not yet started using the module. Once a client opens the module, the module is logged in the client's account and can't be delte

To delete the mobile modules that have not yet been opened, follow these steps:

  1. Go to clients
  2. Open the client account and click on 'Module'
  3. Open the relevant module and then click on the little gear icon.

  4. Click 'Remove module list'. The client receives a notification email that the module has been removed.

You can never delete browser-only modules. What can be done?

Should an incorrect browser-only module be assigned by mistake, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the client account.
  2. Go to the module in the client account. Open the relevant module and click on 'Edit sessions'.
  3. Abort the active session (Abort button).
  4. Remove all remaining sessions from the module.
  5. Save the changes.

  6. Optional: change the title of the module (e.g. to [not applicable]).

These actions ensure that:

  1. The client no longer receives tasks to complete the module.
  2. The module on the homepage of the client to the completed modules.


The therapist can archive a diary.

  1. Go to the client
  2. Go to 'diary' in the left menu
  3. Click on 'Configuration
  4. Click on the 'Archive' button
  5. The diary is immediately archived and the client cannot fill in the diary again.

Client can clean up homepage by themselves

The clients themselves have a button on their homepage 'Manage homepage'. If they click this button then they are taken to the next page where they can archive mobile tools. A client can restore an archived module to the homepage at any time.

You can refer clients to the support page on the homepage where all the information for clients can be found about this process.

Has a client archived one or more tools? Then the therapist can no longer access those tools. The therapist will then only see that X tools have been archived.