The Minddistrict platform is fully responsive and works on laptop, tablet and mobile phones. To take full advantage of the Minddistrict product, we recommend following the minimum system requirements.

System requirements for using Minddistrict

To use the Minddistrict platform, you need:

  • Internet access
  • Hardware: A desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Minddistrict and the Minddistrict app work best on modern devices, no older than 5 years, with preference for devices no older than 3 years.
  • Software: As long as the security of the application can be guaranteed, we support the software. It varies per operating system which versions we currently recommend and support.
  • Browsers: We only support the most recent browsers. As soon as a supplier of a browser no longer supports its own version, we go along with this and no longer support that version either. This is for security reasons. Browser versions that are no longer supported may be unsafe. The browsers we support are:
    - Google Chrome (secure versions)
    - Firefox (secure versions)
    - Microsoft Edge (secure versions)
    - Safari on MacOS (secure versions)
    Want to know which browser version is secure and stable? Check out this up-to-date overview of recent secure versions of the above browsers (this page is not managed by Minddistrict, but is an initiative of web designers and webmasters of various websites that maintain this page)
  • Minddistrict app: The Minddistrict app is suitable for iOS and Android. 

Checklist of external factors when being stuck

We strive to optimise the use of the platform as much as possible. Minddistrict constantly develops the platforms and works continuously to improve the product. In that process, bugs may sometimes occur. More information on how to report a bug

In addition, external factors can affect the quality of platform usage. Below is the checklist of external factors that can affect the use of Minddistrict. Please ask these factors out to users who encounter problems:

  • Internet access: Internet connection quality can affect Minddistrict. Check if you still have an internet connection when Minddistrict crashes or if it may have dropped out. You can test the speed of a wifi connection with this test:
  • Browser: The web browser you use can affect the quality of Minddistrict. Do you get stuck somewhere in the platform? Try using a different browser. Recommended browsers are, recent versions of: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.
  • Secure environment: When you work from your organisation's secure environment, it can affect the platform. Getting stuck somewhere? Try again using a different network, e.g. your home network or use your mobile phone's hotspot.
  • Minimum system requirements: What is the brand of your phone? What OS (Operating System) are you using on your computer? Hardware and software are constantly evolving. Minddistrict evolves along in this process. At some point, support for outdated software and hardware stops. This affects the quality of Minddistrict. Check here if your hardware meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Settings: If you change the settings of your computer/mobile/tablet/network/email/virus scanner/browser, this may affect the quality of Minddistrict. Please check if something may have changed in this.
  • Typos :Can't log in? Can't find the web page? Check whether you may have made a typing error.
  • Logging in and out: It can happen that Minddistrict crashes for some unexplainable reason. Try logging out and in. Sometimes this already solves the problem. As well as restarting your browser/device can help