Video calling is quite simple: you press the button and there it is, the video connection! But to be able to make it this simple, both therapist and patient need to be logged in to the platform. Therefore, they need to have an account in Minddistrict. Not everybody who wants to video call right now is aware of that. And some might never have used Minddistrict at all. 

That why we have created this checklist for you, to help your therapists and patients get going. It focuses on logging in and accounts. After answering the 4 questions, most problems should be solved. 

Question 1: Does the therapist have an account in Minddistrict? 

  • Yes, and it has been recently used.

    • Go to question 2

  • Yes, but it hasn’t been used in a long time 

  • Yes, but the account has been deactivated 

  • No, the therapist does not have an account 

Question 2: does the therapist manage to login? 

Question 3: In what way does a patient receive access? 

  • The therapists can create a patient account themselves 

  • Someone with the role of Secretary creates client accounts (for example, an administrative office) 

    • Send the same instruction for creating client accounts as above 

  • The patient self-refers to Minddistrict 

    • Inform therapists (again) about this and send them information. If needed, ask your implementation manager for help. 

Question 4: Can the patient login?  

  • Yes, the patient can login, no problems here. 

    • Sounds great! The therapist and patient are now ready to start a video call. 

  • No, the patient has trouble logging in 

We have taken you through the most occurring steps and hiccups in the process of account management and login. We hope this helps to to support your colleagues and patients. Do you still encounter problems, or do you need more help? Look around some more on this support site or contact us. 

For more information, inspiration and examples, please visit our webpage about video sessions