It is not possible to delete a module (or other tools) in its entirety once it has been opened. To explain what is possible, we distinguish between mobile modules, browser-only modules and diaries.  

Mobile modules

Deleting a mobile module is only possible if the client has not started the module yet. As soon as a client opens the module, the module is logged in the client's account and can't be deleted.

You can delete the (not opened) mobile modules this way:

  1. Open the client account and click on 'Module' 
  2. Open the appropriate module and then click on the setting icon. 
  3. Click on 'Delete module list'. The client will receive a notification e-mail that the module has been removed.

Browser-only modules

Assigned an incorrect module by mistake? You can following the next steps:

  1. Go to the module in the client account
  2. Open the module in question and click on 'Modify session'
  3. Abort the active session (button 'Abort')
  4. Delete all other sessions from the module
  5. Save the changes

  • Optional: Change the title of the module (for example, [not applicable]). 

These actions ensure that: 

  1. Your clients no longer receives tasks to work on the module. 
  2. The module is moved to the completed module in the client account. 


As a therapist, you can archive a diary.

  1. Go to the diary in the client account
  2. Click on the 'Archive' button
  3. The diary is immediately archived in the client cannot fill it in again