The aim of digital accessibility is: to help people with disabilities use digital information.

By disabilities we mean, for example, low vision/blindness, hearing/deafness, difficulty learning, cognitive or physical disabilities, difficulty speaking, sensitivity to light or combinations of these. We would like our product to be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we try to make our website, web platforms, iOS and Android apps as accessible as possible.

Making and keeping Minddistrict accessible is an ongoing task. Step by step, we are trying to improve the web platform and the iOS and Android apps in terms of accessibility. Below is an overview of what has already been done and what we are currently improving.

What is already possible?

  • The webplatform: Almost all pages can be reached via a keyboard and the platform can be easily viewed on a computer, tablet or phone. All texts are written at an accessible language level. This makes them understandable for as many people as possible. The platform is also easy to use in the most popular web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox).
  • iOS-app: The iOS app is accessible to people using a screen reader (VoiceOver). All texts are written at an accessible language level.
  • Android-app: The font in the Android app is resizable for people with impaired vision. All texts are written at an accessible language level.

What are we improving?

We are currently working on the following improvements for both the web platform and the iOS and Android apps:

  • Improve accessibility for people who use a screen reader (e.g. blind/ visually impaired people). The iOS app is already accessible via a screen reader.
  • Improve readability for people with colour blindness. To do this, we increase the contrast between the text colour and the background colour.
  • The accessibility of our PDF files.
  • Making the font size in the iOS app and web platform customisable. The website and Android app are already accessible at this point.
  • Adding subtitles to videos. Adding transcription to audio clips.

Improvement and feedback

We are aware that we still need to make some important improvements to be properly accessible to people with disabilities. We are open to tips and feedback. You can send these to