The service desk might ask for the URL of the platform in a (mail) conversation about your question or request. Or an ID is needed to help you further, for example the ID of an account or a tool.

 Finding the platform URL 

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the web address of the platform. The URL can be found in the browser's address bar. You can copy this address and e-mail it to the service desk. This way we will know for sure which platform it concerns.

Finding IDs of accounts, tools or conversations

Modules (and other tools), conversations, client and professional accounts have a unique, anonymised platform ID. In case of malfunctions, bugs or other relevant issues, the service desk regularly asks for these IDs. You will always find them in the URL.

At Minddistrict, we are never allowed to receive data from client accounts. We always work with these anonymised IDs.  The IDs are also an important source for searching in logs or reproducing bugs etc.

Always copy the whole URL from the address bar and not just the ID. That way, the service desk also knows on which platform you are working.

Module ID (or other tools)

Modules or other tools, such as questionnaires or diaries, have a unique ID. This ID can be found in the catalogue and never via a client or professional account.

  1. go to the catalogue
  2. find the relevant tool
  3. open the tool

As soon as you open the tool in the catalogue, you will see the ID in the address bar.

Copy the whole address. That way we know which platform you're referring to.

Client ID

Each client account is given a unique, anonymised platform ID in Minddistrict. Sometimes organisations use an internal client ID, for example when integrating with an EHR. This internal ID is not suitable for sending to Minddistrict. 

The therapist or secretary has access to client data. They can open the client account when the ID is needed.

When the professional opens the account, they access the client's Dashboard. On this page, the ID appears in the address bar.  The ID is always prefixed by a '/c/' to indicate that it is a client account.

Professional ID

A professional account is given a unique, anonymised platform ID in Minddistrict. Sometimes organisations use an internal professional ID. This internal ID is usually not suitable to send to Minddistrict.  Only in the case of an integration we sometimes ask for a professional's internal ID.

Your own professional ID can be found under 'Profile':

On this page you will find your professional details. Copy the entire address (URL and ID). The ID is always prefixed with '/p/' to indicate that it is a professional account:

screenshot van ID in adresbalk

Looking for a colleague's ID?

  1. G0 to the tab 'Professionals'
  2. Search for the right person
  3. Open the account. On this page, you can copy the entire URL (including the ID)

Conversation ID

All conversations have a unique and anonymised ID. This ID appears in the address bar as soon as you open the relevant conversation. The ID of the conversation is behind 'conversations/' in the URL. Copy the entire URL to forward to the service desk.