As an application manager of your organization's Minddistrict platform, you will be the first line service desk. You answer the questions of colleagues and clients. For each user, we have created a support site. Here you can find a lot of information about the platform. With this information, you can answer most questions from clients and professionals. 

Support site links

You can find out support site on our website.


Refer to the support site

Clients and professionals can also make use of the support sites. To make the support site easily accessible to users, you can place the link in the footer of the platform. This allows users to be directed to the correct page immediately.

You can customize the footer of the platform under 'Contact', which can be found under the 'Configuration' tab.



Besides adding the support site to the footer, you also have the option to add the link to the support site on the login page. You can customize the text on the login page under 'Homepage', which can be found under the 'Configuration' tab. 

If you cannot find an answer on any of the support sites, please contact the Minddistrict service desk.