It may be the case that a therapist can no longer guide his or her clients. The clients must then be unlinked from the therapist and linked to another therapist.   

The therapist can transfer his or her clients him- or herself. Read here how the therapist can do this. 

If the therapist is not able to take this action, the secretary has the option to do this as well. The secretary follows the same (un)linking steps as the therapist. Click here how to find the secretary of the platform. 

A secretary manages all client accounts in the platform. He or she can:

  • Find all client accounts in the platform. 
  • Not see any content of client files. He or she only sees the personal data of the account: name, email address, date of birth, etc.).
  • Link and unlink therapists to/from clients.  
If no one has the role of secretary within the platform, the application manager can give himself or someone else the secretary role. Click here how to give a professional the secretary role.