In the Minddistrict platform, you have one or more roles. Each role has certain rights in the Minddistrict platform. The roles belong to a group: 

Regular groups

  • Application manager: May configure the platform and give an account to professionals. Does not see client registration data.
  • Data analyst: Only sees data without client information. 
  • Data officer: Sees all data including client data. 
  • Therapist: May add clients to their caseload, may contact these clients, deactivate linked accounts, guide tools, and provide feedback. 
  • Supervisor: Has 'read only' access to the files of clients that he or she supervises. 
  • Secretary: May process registrations. May consult all client data. May prepare tools for all clients and link them to a therapist. Does not see any content in the tools. The secretary can activate or deactivate accounts.
  • Client: Has access to own file. The client may modify own information. The client can contact linked therapists. The client can add a friend. 

CMS groups

When you use the CMS, you'll find a number of CMS groups: 

  • Editor: Can create documents and templates. 
  • Programmer: May make calculations and may come up with a raw code of a document or template in a number of places in the CMS. 
  • Release manager: May release documents and templates.