Under the tab 'Conversations', you'll find an overview of all your ongoing conversations. When you have an unread message, the message gets a '1 unread' tag.

Conversation options

In a conversation with a user, you have multiple options:

  • You can customize the subject of a conversation.
  • You can invite multiple attendees to the conversation.
  • Texts can be printed in a thick, italic, or in an order.
  • Hyperlinks can be added.
  • Attachments can be added (not in fthe Minddistrict app).
  • You can start a video call (if this feature is available for your platform).

Video conversations

Video calling allows you to have secure conversations with your therapist at a distance. You can talk to your therapist in your own trusted environment. 


Not every organisation offers video calls. In this case, this function won't be available in your platform. 


Note: video calling is not possible with Internet Explorer. Video calls work best in the Chrome browser. 

It's not possible to make video calls with the Minddistrict app. However, you can log into the Minddistrict platform through a web browser on your mobile phone. This way you can still make video calls on your mobile phone. 


You can make and receive calls when you are visibly online (green circle around your profile picture)  

Start a conversation


Video calls are part of the conversations functionality in the platform. 


  1. Click on 'Contact' next to the person you would like to have a video conversation with. 
  2. You can start a new conversation or open an existing conversation. 
  3. Click on 'start video call'
  4. Allow the browser to use the camera and microphone.

Do you experience problems when trying to start a video call? Click here for possible solutions. 


The video conversation opens in a new tab. This allows you to still use the Minddistrict platform in another tab without it affecting the video call. During the video call, you and your conversation partners can still send and receive messages.  

Video call functionalities


Video calling entails a number of different functionalities. During a video call, you can: 


  • enlarge the screen;
  • share your screen;
  • turn your microphone on or off;
  • turn your camera on or off;
  • end the conversation 
  • invite multiple participants (the person who starts the conversation is the manager of it) -  up to a maximum of 12. 

You can also see which participants are part of the conversation and whether their microphones are turned on or off. Finally, there is a clock so you can see how long the conversation lasts.