Under the 'catalogue' tab, you as an application manager can search in the range of tools that are available. 

Search bar and filter

You can search for keywords in the search bar. In addition you can filter by: 

  • Mobile app compatible 
  • Suitable for self-help
  • Type of tools
  • Age groups
  • Type of care
  • Topics
  • Complaints and problems


Search results

In the search results, you'll see all the tools that match your search criteria. You see what type of tool it is (diary, module, screening, etc.). Sometimes, modules are also suitable for use as self-help. In the search results, you can see this by means of the tag 'self-help'. Mobile modules can be used both via the web and through our Minddistrict app. This is indicated by a phone icon below the module description. At the bottom, all the keywords that the module can be searched with are displayed. 

Tool description

By clicking on the title, you can continue to view the content. On this page. a summary of the module is given. You'll find an overview of all chapters and additional information. You can expand the chapters to see which sessions are included. In addition, you can see if there are automatic triggers in a module, such as diaries, action plans, other modules, etc. Finally, you'll see an overview of which other modules are a good fit for this module. 

ID Tool

Finally, if you are on this page, you'll find the ID of the tool in the URL. Click here to learn how you can find the ID.