Minddistrict strives to provide an optimal use of the platform. Minddistrict is constantly evolving and continuously working on improvements of the product. During this process, bugs can sometimes arise. (Learn here how you can report a bug.) 

In addition, there are external factors that can affect the quality of the use of the platform. Here you can find a checklist of external factors that can influence the use of Minddistrict: 

  • Internet connection: The quality of the Internet connection can influence Minddistrict. Check that you are still connected to the Internet or whether it may have gone down. With this test you can check the strength of your WiFi connection: https://www.speedtest.net/
  • Browser: The web browser you use can affect the quality of Minddistrict. Are you stuck somewhere in the platform? Give it a try in another browser. Recommended browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. We do not recommend the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge.
  • Secure environment: When you work from your organization's secure environment, it can influence the platform. Are you stuck somewhere? Try again with another network, such as your home network, or use your mobile phone's hotspot. 
  • Minimum system requirements: What is the brand of your phone? Which OS (operating System) do you use on your computer? Hardware and software are constantly evolving. Minddistrict develops with it. At some point, the support of outdated soft- and hardware stops. This affects the quality of Minddistrict. Check here if your device meets the minimum system requirements.  
  • Settings: When you change the settings of your computer/mobile/tablet/network/email/virus scanner/browser, it can affect the quality of Minddistrict. Please change if something has changed regarding these settings. 
  • Typo: Unable to log in? Can't find the webpage? Check if you may have made a typo. 
  • Logging in and out: It may be the case that Minddistrict crashes for an inexplicable reason. Try to sign out and log in again. Sometimes this solves the problem already.