As an organization you have your own training environment or you have an account on In these environments, you can get acquainted with the platform, try out features, view content from the client's perspective, or reproduce problems.  

Meet the platform

In a training environment you have the opportunity to get to know your own product. You will discover what features we have and how they work. Try out features or create test clients to see what the platform looks like for clients. 

How do you create a test client?

Each account within Minddistrict is linked to a valid email address. Within a platform, only unique email addresses can be used. To create a test client, you can use a managed email address. 

But there is another option: You can also use a fictitious email address. The fictitious email address you can use for this is: You can invent the name yourself. A fictitious email address does not allow you to log in to the client account, but you can use the user switch. With the user switch you can see the platform from the client's perspective. 

Reproducing user notifications

When someone indicates experiencing problems with the platform, it can provide a lot of information for when you want to reproduce the problem because: 

  • You can experience what the reporter has trouble with exactly. You may be able to to notice what's going on and help the reporter of the problem with a solution.  
  • You can see if the problem is platform wide or that only the reporter is running into this problem.
  • You can see if the problem is platform related or that the problem is caused by external influences. Click here for the external factors check list. 
  • This allows tou to make a detailed report/bug notification for the Minddistrict service desk if there is a bug so that the problem can be picked up faster and more efficiently.
  • It gives you the option to send a screenshot to the Minddistrict service desk without existing client data. Read here why this is important.   

Ask the person who reported the problem what steps have been taken so far so that you can reproduce the problem as accurately as possible. To do this, use the following script: 

  • Scenario: Ask for all the steps that the reporter has done so that you reproduce the problem as well as possible. 
  • Expected result: What did the reporter expect to see after following the steps mentioned above? 
  • Actual result: Which result is currently visible to the reporter? 
  • Additional information: Information that can help to reproduce the problem such as which browser is used, specifications of the computer/mobile phone/tablet such as the OS or model number (read [here] why that is important), the URL of the platform, IDs of the client and/or professional (read here how you can find them), screenshots (without client data).

Once you have been able to reproduce the problem, you can report it to the Minddistrict service desk. Read here how you can do that.