When you submit a removal request for a platform, for example as part of a contract termination procedure, the platform is taken offline and all data is removed from our database. The data cannot be recovered. 

Only authorized persons can request the removal of a platform. The removal request is made by the account manager of Minddistrict. If you don't know who your account manager is, please send your request to the Minddistrict service desk. We will forward your request to the appropriate account manager. 

Submit a request to the account manager

The application manager of the platform can submit a deletion request to the account manager. To do this, the application manager needs to provide the platform URL (click here where you can find it) and the date on which the platform should be taken offline.  

The removal of a platform takes place during deployment on the first Friday of the month. Minddistrict applies a motice period of one month.  

Data retention

When the platform goes offline, all data (client data, content of messages, diary entries, session entries, feddback, etc.) will also be deleted. But also when the platform is offline, it should be possible to have this information, for example in case a client would request his or her online file at a later time. It is therefore necessary to store the data and keep it safe. The service desk will send instructions for the removal request to the person who submitted the request.  

Make sure you save the data on time and your users are informed. Once the platform is offline, all data is deleted permanently.