Under the GDPR law, a client has the right to delete his or her file. If you receive a deletion request, you can contact the Minddistrict service desk. 

Service desk procedure

To be able to pick up the request, we need the platform URL and the anonymized client ID. Click here to find out how you can find the platform URL and click here how to find the client ID. Then we ask for a confirmation, to check if the data is correct. Deleting an account is an irreversible action. Once we have received the confirmation, we will process the request within 5 working days. You will receive a confirmation email when the account has been deleted.

Confirmation of irreversibility

Deleting an account is an irreversible action. Once this action has been taken, the entire account will be gone, including all data generated therein. This includes all data in the modules (including the feedback by the therapist), diaries, conversations, and account information. This data cannot be restored. 

For any removal request, we ask for confirmation of the removal request. Without this confirmation, the request cannot be prosecuted. It is important that the associated therapist is informed about the deletion of the relevant client account.