As an application manager, you are the contact person of your organization for (technical) questions about the platform. 

We'll give you a 4-step plan that you can follow to answer such questions as well as possible in case you don't know the answer right away: 

  1. See if you can find the answer on one of our support sites. In your replies, you can refer to articles from the support site
  2. Consult the external factors checklist. It's annoying when users are stuck in the platform. Minddistrict strives to develop the best possible working platform. Sometimes there are external factors, however, that can influence the quality of the use of Minddistrict. Check out the factors that you may want to investigate when you're experiencing problems here
  3. Try to reproduce the problem. As an organization you have your own training platform or you have an account on These environments are intended to be tested without data pollution. Click here to learn more about how to use the training environment and how to reproduce a bug. 
  4. Gather relevant information for the Minddistrict service desk. Do you need help? Do you have a question for the Minddistrict service desk? For security and privacy reasons, the Minddistrict service desk has no access to your organization's platform. To help with questions about your platform, the service desk tries to reproduce the problem (read about what the service desk does with your questions/bug reports here).