As an application manager, you are the contact person of your organization for (technical) questions about the platform. In addition, you are the contact person with the Minddistrict service desk. When you (temporarily) stop application management, it is imperative that a successor is appointed. As an application manager, you are the only one who can create a new account for colleagues. You are also the only one who can provide colleagues with the correct rights within the platform, such as adding the application manager role to your successor's account. Make sure to take care of a successor in time. 

You can customize your role as follows:  

  1. Go to 'Profile'
  2. Click ‘Customize’
  3. Tick the right role
  4. Click 'Save'

It is necessary that the service desk knows who to communicate with. Therefore, let the service desk know who the new contact person is. Please also indicate whether your successor would like to receive the release note. 

Refer your new colleague to the appropriate information about the responsibilities, functions and procedures of application management, such as the support site or request an application management training from the account manager. Let your colleague know about the training platform, so that he or she can get acquainted with the platform. 


  • Create a new application manager account/give one of your colleagues the application manager rights 
  • Inform the service desk about the new contact person 
  • Refer to the correct information (support site/training application management/training platform)