This configuration can be made available on request. 


Web authentication

This configuration allows the login screen to be set ON or OFF. 

This option is set ON by default: users can log in via the login screen with a combination of their email address and password. 

If you turn this setting OFF, users cannot log in via the login screen. This option is only suitable if a different login method has been set up! 

NOTE: For this reason, it makes sense to turn the sending of automated emails OFF. Read more about this in the 'Emails' configuration.

Tis way of authentication can only be disabled if users can access the platform in at least 1 other way. 

IP's en IP sequences

It's possible to set an IP filter in the configuration of the platform. This will limit access to the platform to a specific IP address or IP range. 

Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication provides an additional layer of security by requiring an authentication code. It is sent or created by SMS in an authentication application on a mobile phone. 

Remember two-step authentication for professionals

You can set up two-step authentication for professionals and/or clients. For professionals, you can require two-step authentication or make it an optional function. It's possible to always require professionals to fill in the code, or to let the code be remembered for 12 hours, 3 days, or 1 week.  

Two-step authentication for clients (and friends if activated)

For clients (and possibly friends), you can provide additional options for two-step authentication. Clients can manage this themselves in their profile settings.  They can set how long the code will be remebered (12 hours, 3 days, 1 week) or they can turn off the two-step authentication again. 

To set up the two-step authentication an implementation guide is available. This manual is available at the Minddistrict service desk upon request.