Deze configuratie is standaard beschikbaar

Temporary access

With this configuration, it's possible to turn off the 'Access to client' functionality within the platform. Through temporary access, it's possible for users with the role 'therapist' to obtain temporary read-only rights on the file of a client that he is not linked to (to be used in, for example, a crisis situation). Disabling this functionality applies to all therapists in the platform. They will no option to search outside their caseload in the client overview (i.e. 'Other clients').

Therapists can link themselves to clients

If selected, it's possible for therapists to link themselves to clients. 

Log access to clients


When therapists have temporary access to a client file, the activities are logged.  

In the log, all temporary access commands, when a therapist links himself to a client, are displayed and all searches outside of the caseload sre shown.