This configuration is available by default. 


Configurable fields

Set up here whether it should be mandatory to enter a professional ID when a new professional account is created. If you leave this option deactivated (default setting), the 'Professional ID' field is an optional field when creating a professional account. 

It is recommended that you activate this setting when there is a link to an external system (for example, a delegated login link). 

Allow changes

When the Minddistrict platform is linked to an external system, such as an EPD, professional details from the EPD can be taken over to the Minddistrict professional account. To avoid discrepancies between the external system and the Minddistrict platform, it may be desirable to not be able to change professional data from the Minddistrict platform. This overrides the function for professionals to change the data manually. 

Application managers can choose between three settings in terms of manual customization in an external integration: 

  • Never allow manual changes: Professional data cannot be customized. The external system detemrines the details of the professional account. 
  • Secure remotely managed accounts: This is the default setting. Professional accounts created form an external system cannot be customized. Accounts that have been created within the Minddistrict platform can be adjusted. 
  • Always allow manual customizations (even if this overrides externally managed accounts): This setting can be configured by the application managers for client and professional accounts separately. Accounts can be customized.