This configuration is available by default. 

Pre-signup screening

If you activate this function, clients can make a self-test before they sign up. When activating it, you can choose which screenings you want to offer to clients. 

Direct link to registration form

If you activate this function, clients can also log in at any time during the screening. They do not need to complete the self-test to sign up for an account. 

Signup screening link

When you have set up the appropriate pre-screening configurations, a screening link is needed for internal communication to new clients. You do this using a new link: 

•    Fill in the link between the […]: https://[CUSTOMER-PLATFORM-URL]/screening?create=[CONTENTID-SCREENING]&open=1. 

•    This is how the new link will look after you have modified it:

If the link does not lead to the correct screening, you can contact the Minddistrict service desk with the name of the screening and the URL of the platform and we will gladly look at it.