This configuration can be made available on request. 


Allow delegated login

It's possible to set up a delegated login. This allows professionals and/or clients to log into multiple systems (e.g. the EPD and the Minddistrict platform or the client portal and the platform) and to link to the Minddistrict platform within this system. 


The information from both systems is linked and secured by means of a 'secret key'. This secret key can be generated only within the Minddistrict platform. Go to 'Add' and generate the secret key. The key will be shown only once for security reasons. It is required that the secret key is sent securely to the external system (e-mail is not a secure means of exchanging this information).   

Use secure session for delegated login

The use of secure delegated login sessions is activated by default. Session tokens are not reused and are, therefore, always unique. It's not possible to deactivate this function. 

External login service hint

Add a description of the login service. This description is shown to the users. This is an optional function. 

More information about delegated login is available on