This configuration can only be changed by the Minddistrict service desk. 

For certain actions in the Minddistrict platform, an automatically generated email is sent to a user. Examples are: 

  1. Welcome email to create your password.
  2. You have a new task.
  3. You have received a new message.


It is possible to have the contents of these emails adjusted. The following rules apply: 

  1. The adjustment applies to all recipients of the emails concerned.
  2. No treatment content can be sent through these emails.
  3. It is not possible to have emails sent on occasions other than the ones described.
  4. It is only possible to modify text, not to add images.

To make this change, a file containing the contents of all standard emails is available. Please contact the Minddistrict service desk to request this file to provide the desired change based on that.