This configuration is available by default. 

When a client account is created (by a professional or by a client him- or herself via a registration), a file with client details is created. This form contains a number of default fields. The form can be supplemented with other fields via this configuration. 

The form used by professionals contains the following fields: 

The regular signup includes the following fields by default:

The anonymous signup contains the following fields by default:

Configurable fields in the client file

Ina ddition to the standard fields in the different forms, there are a number of fields that are configurable: 

  • Mandatory date of birth: You can require clients to enter their date of birth in order to complete the registration. 
  • Client ID: This is an open text field that asks for an ID of the client. In most cases, this is the client number from the EPD. This code must be unique per client. You can choose to make this field mandatory. 
  • Enforce a unique ID for all users: In theory, it's possible that a user is added to the platform both as a client and a therapist (think of experience experts). When the option is activated, both accounts must have a unique ID (in addition to a unique email address). 
  • BSN: This is a field where the so-called 11-test is implemented, which verifies whether a valid BSN has been entered (NOT whether this is the BSN of the relevant client). You can choose to make this field mandatory. 
  • Phone number: This is a numeric field. You can choose to make this field mandatory. 
  • Mandatory labels: You can make it mandatory to define a label. 

Allow changes

When the Minddistrict platform is linked to an external system, such as an EPD, client details from the EPD can be taken over in a Minddistrict client account. In order to avoid discrepancies between the external system and the Minddistrict platform, it may be desirable to not be able to modify client data from the Minddistrict platform. This will override the function for professionals and clients to manually change the details of a client account.  

Application managers can choose between three settings in terms of manual customization in an external integration: 

  • Never allow manual changes: Client data cannot be modified. The external system determines the data of the client account. 
  • Secure remotely managed accounts: This is the default setting. Client accounts created from an external system cannot be customized. Created accounts within the Minddistrict platform can be adjusted. 
  • Always allow manual customizations (even if that overwrites externally managed accounts): This setting can be configured by the application managers for client accounts and professional accounts separately. Accounts can be customized.