This configuration is available by default

Here you set up the possibility for external logins. If you enable external logins, clients can sign up for an account (instead of the professional creating an account for them). It's customary to place a link on your own website that leads to this page. 

Active sign-in types

If you enable external logins, you can choose to offer:

1.    The regular registration.

2.    The anonymous login.

3.    Both.

Optionally, you can change the order of the login types.

Default fields 

By default, the regular login includes the following fields: 

By default, the anonymous login contains the following fields: 

Configurable fields

In addition to the standard fields in the sign-up form, there are a number of configurable fields:

  • Motivation: This is an open text field that asks the client for their 'reason for registration'. If you enable this field, it will be added to both the regular and the anonymous sign-up. You can choose to make this field mandatory. 
  • Terms of use: If you have added these as a .pdf file to the platform, a potential client must first agree to these terms (by placing a checkmark) before they can complete their registration. If you turn this feature on, it will be added to both the regular and the anonymous login.
  • Phone number: This is a numeric field. If you enable this field, it will only be added to the regular login. You can choose tho make this field mandatory. 

Link to the registration form on the front page 

You can choose to show or hide the link to the registration on the login page (to be able to link to it directly). Hiding the link will come in handy when you want to offer a sign-up screening as a (self-)test. In the result of the self-test, the client will then be directed to the registration form. 


It's possible to write an introduction for the registration. This introduction will be shown at the top of the registration form. 

Auto accept

A registration can be approved by a secretary OR it can be accepted automatically. If the registration is accepted automatically, the client will immediately have the option to log into the platform after having signed up. It depends on the rest of the platform configurations whether this is a good idea or not (to prevent the client from starting in an empty platform). 

Signup code

Within the platform, you can generate signup codes that you can give to (potential) clients. If you enable this field, it will be added to both the regular as well as the anonymous signup. If you activate this field, it is a required field by default and of course it checks if the code that the client enters is a code that is actually issued. 

As soon as you activate this field in the signup forms, you, as an Application Manager, will be able to manage the signup codes. A link to the signup code management will appear on the page. 

clicking on this link will give you the option to generate new signup codes. You'll also see a list of previously issued signup codes and more information about when these signup codes are used.