As a professional in healthcare, you probably work with multiple digital systems. With Minddistrict it is possible to create a link between different systems. A link makes it possible to exchange data between these systems in a secure way, for example with an Electronic Patient File (EPD) or client portal. A link with the Minddistrict platform provides professionals with more overview and ease of use in daily work. 


Minddistrict has developed an API. The Minddistrict API makes it possible to easily integrate important information about clients, professionals, tasks, and diaries from the Minddistricy into the EPD or a client portal. 


Koppeltaal is a standard, based on HL7/FHIR, wich allows interventions and data to be exchanged between various eHealth applications. The eHealth applications in healthcare often use a different programming language, which makes it difficult to integrate eHealth. Koppeltaal integrates information streams from eHealth, ROM, and EPD into the work environment of the therapist and client. It gives access to various applications from different suppliers. 

If you would like more information about the possiblities of links, please contact the Minddistrict service desk.