Did you receive a notification about a malfunction or bug? Or do you see a bug yourself or are you stuck somewhere? Please let us know by reporting this to the Minddistrict service desk. 

What information do we need?

The Minddistrict service desk does not have access to your organization's platform for security and privacy reasons. It is important to provide the service desk with sufficient information so that it can reproduce the problem. The better the information is delivered, the faster the bug or malfunction can be solved. 

The following information is important to be able to reproduce a bug or malfunction:

  • Scenario: Describe the steps that lead to the bug or malfunction as clearly as possible. By describing the steps in detail, it becomes clear where the bug or malfunction is located in the platform. 
  • ID's: Minddistrict works with platform ID's. Modules (and other content), client and professional accounts, conversations, etc., all have a unique, anonymized ID. Is the bug/malfunction related to specific content or an account? Then send us the correct ID's. See here how you can find the ID's. 
  • Platform URL (web adress): It is important to know where the bug or malfunction is located. Organizations can have multiple platforms in use. Therefore, always name the platform URL such as nameplatform.minddistrict.com or nameplatform.training.minddistrict.com. Click here how you can find the URL of a platform. 
  • Details/specifications: Deatils and specification details of devices such as the browser or model of the mobile phone are important. A bug or malfunction can be related to, for example, the browser or type of phone. Please answer the following questions:
    • Which browser did you use? (For example: Chrome; Firefox; Safari)
    • What operating system + version number does the device you used have? (For example: Windows 10 1903; iOS 12.3.1; Android 9.0) 
    • (When using mobile phone/tablet) What brand + model of phone/tablet did you use? (For example: Apple iPhone 8; Samsung Galaxy S6; Apple iPad Pro). 
    • (When using Minddistrict app) What is the version number of the Minddistrict App? (For example: version 3.8.0) 
  • Screenshots: Screenshots provide a lot of information that is often difficult to describe. Therefore, if it is possible, deliver a screenshot to clarify the problem. Caution: Remove/Highlight any client data from the screenshots. Click here to find out why that's important. 
Note: Sending client data is not permitted under the GDPR law. When reporting a bug or malfunction, all client data must be deleted/marked!